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                                                              Republican Party of Jefferson County 


Whereas the United States of America was established in 1789 with the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, 
following the Declaration of Independence of 1776, there is a constant need to follow and maintain the 
ideals established by our Founding Fathers in these documents. We, the Republican Party of Jefferson 
County, Wisconsin, establish this Constitution to sustain such efforts. Through this structure, we shall 
maintain these ideals and principles, as well as the ideals and principles of the Republican Party of 
Wisconsin and the U.S. As such, we, the members of the Republican Party of Jefferson County do approve 
and adopt this Constitution.

The name of this organization shall be “Republican Party of Jefferson County” (RPJC), State of Wisconsin, 
aka “Jefferson County Republican Party” (JCRP).

The purpose of this organization shall be to correlate and unify under one central organization the 
activities of the Republican Party of Jefferson County, and as a voluntary organization, to cooperate and 
assist our party's candidates in all national, state, county, and local elections. To this end, the organization 
is empowered to direct, supervise, transact, and control the business, property, and funds of the 
Republican Party of Jefferson County.
Said purposes and principles of the Republican Party of Jefferson County are: 
     A. To preserve and achieve fundamental Republican principles and policies, 
     B. To develop a countywide aggressive, serviceable Republican organization, 
     C. To maintain harmony between all Republican organizations, at all levels, 
     D. To maintain control of the Republican Party of Jefferson County in the hands of the rank-andfile


     E. To preserve our Republican form of government as created in the Constitution of the United 
         States and the Constitution of the State of Wisconsin. 

Membership in this organization shall be open to all Jefferson County citizens of voting age who are 
eligible to vote in any national or state election, who subscribe to the stated Republican Party purposes 
and principles, have paid the annual dues, and are recorded members of the Republican Party of Jefferson 
County. The term of membership shall be January 1st through December 31st.
SECTION 1: Membership Dues - The dues of the RPJC shall be determined by the Executive Committee 
and may be changed as necessary and appropriate. Annual dues shall be payable by January 1st of each 
SECTION 2: Membership Applications - Application for membership in the RPJC may be made to any 
existing member of the RPJC. Such applications must be on the form prepared for this purpose and must 
be submitted to the membership chairperson. Applicants may complete the membership form online.
SECTION 3: Membership Requirements - New members shall be eligible to vote at any meeting of Caucus 
after 30 days from the date of payment of annual dues; prior year members may renew at any time by 
payment of the annual dues and shall thereby be immediately qualified to vote at any meeting or Caucus. 
SECTION 4: Associate Membership - Persons who are not residents of Jefferson County are welcome to 
join the Republican Party of Jefferson County and will be designated as Associate Members and will not 
be eligible to vote at county meetings and county caucuses. They are also not eligible for positions on the 
Executive Board or as County Delegates. 
SECTION 5: Denial of Membership - Any member of this organization may be suspended or expelled for 
membership in this organization upon recommendation by the Executive Committee and by two-thirds 
vote of the membership, after the person in question has been afforded a reasonable hearing before the 
membership for either conduct or declarations contrary to the objectives of the Republican Party, and in 
accordance with the investigatory and hearing process required by Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised.

SECTION 1: Officers - The elected Officers of the Republican Party of Jefferson County shall be 
Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. 
SECTION 2: Executive Committee - The Executive Committee shall include: 
A. The four elected Officers of the organization, who shall be elected for a two-year term by the County 
Caucus, with their elections being held in the odd numbered years, 
B. The five at-large members elected by the County Caucus, who shall be elected for a two-year term, 
with their elections being held in connection with the annual caucus, 
C. The Committee Chairpersons who serve at the pleasure of the Chairperson and are approved by the 
members of the Executive Committee,

D. The Immediate Past Chairperson, 
E. The Chairperson of any registered Young Republican Club in Jefferson County and recognized by RPJC,
F. Any County Party member holding an elected partisan County, State or Federal office, 
G. Any County Party member who holds an elected position in the District, State or National Republican 
SECTION 3: Non-voting members - non-voting members of the executive committee shall be C, D, E, F, 
and G from section 2. 
SECTION 4: Vacancies - Any vacancy in office during the term thereof, due to resignation, disqualification, 
death, or other reason, shall be appointed by the Chairperson with approval of the Executive Committee. 
The person so appointed shall act until the end of the original term. 
SECTION 5: Leaves of Absence - Any elected Officer or elected member of the Executive Committee who 
files to run for a partisan office shall take a leave of absence from the post until after the primary election. 
If successful, the member shall resign that post, and the Chairperson shall name their replacement with 
the approval of the Executive Committee. The replacement shall serve until the next Annual Caucus. If 
unsuccessful as a candidate, the candidate shall return to their position on the Executive Committee in 
the RPJC. 

SECTION 1: Chairperson - It shall be the duty of the Chairperson to officiate at all meetings of the Caucuses 
and the Executive Committee. It shall be the responsibility of the Chairperson to coordinate the efforts of 
individuals and groups to further the objectives of the Republican Party. The Chairperson is the 
Administrative Executive of the organization and, as such, is charged with the supervision and direction 
of the overall activities. The Chairperson shall have such other duties as provided in the Constitution and 
By-Laws of the Republican Party of Jefferson County. 
SECTION 2: Vice-Chairperson - The Vice-Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson with such matters as 
prescribed by the Chairperson. The Vice-Chairperson shall act in the capacity of the Chairperson in their 
absence and shall function as Temporary Chairperson in the event the Chairperson vacates the office for 
any reason. If necessary, they shall continue as Temporary Chairperson until the end of the original term. 
SECTION 3. Secretary - The Secretary shall record and maintain a record of all the minutes of all meetings 
of the Executive Committee and Regular and Special Caucuses. They shall record and maintain files of the 
minutes and shall perform such other related duties as may arise or as may be directed by the Executive 
Committee. The secretary of RPJC shall also manage all official correspondence and shall assist the 
chairperson in notifying all members of the executive committee of upcoming meetings. They shall
perform such other related duties as may arise or as may be directed by the Executive Committee.

SECTION 4. Treasurer - The Treasurer shall receive and deposit all funds of the RPJC, disburse all funds 
necessary for the operation of the organization and its campaigns upon authorization of the Chairperson,
as stated in Article 1 of the By-Laws, maintain proper records of receipts and disbursements, and file such 
payroll, election and other reports as required by law. A written financial report shall be presented at all 
Executive and Regular or Called Caucus Meetings. The Treasurer shall maintain the official membership 
list by collaborating closely with the Secretary, membership chairperson, and webmaster. 
SECTION 5. Executive Committee - The Executive Committee shall be the policy making body of the RPJC, 
subject to the general authority of the membership in a called Caucus. They shall have authority to 
transact necessary business between Caucuses, to advise the RPJC Chairperson and other Officers, to 
complete a slate of delegates and alternates to District Caucuses and State Conventions or to delegate 
such authority to the Chairperson, to establish annual membership dues, and to control and manage the 
property and funds of the RPJC. The Executive Committee shall meet regularly and as called by the 
Chairperson or by written request of five members of the Executive Committee, upon notice to all 
members of the Executive Committee. 

SECTION 1. Annual Caucus - an Annual Caucus of the membership shall be held prior to April 1 (or as 
needed to meet date requirements of District Caucuses and State Convention) of each year for the 
purpose of: 
A. Electing Delegates and Alternates to the District Caucus and State Convention, 
B. Electing Officers in the odd year and five members of the Executive Committee of this organization, as 
provided in Article IV, 
C. Presenting, discussing, and passing/rejecting Resolutions presented to the Caucus, and
D. Transacting any other business which may properly come before said Caucus.
SECTION 2. Meetings may be called at any time by the Chairperson, by majority the Executive Committee, 
or upon the petition of ten RPJC members in good standing.
SECTION 3. Notice of Caucuses - Notice of all Caucuses shall be given by advertisement at least twice in 
one weekly or daily newspaper in Jefferson County, or upon at least eight (8) days notification by written 
or printed (email acceptable) notice to each member of the RPJC, at their last known USPS address, or 
email address provided, of the time and place of holding such Caucus, as provided in the State Party 
SECTION 4. Caucus Business - Only such business as has been stated in the Call shall be conducted at 
Meetings or Caucuses.

SECTION 1. Elections - A Nominations Committee, created in the By-Laws, shall place in nomination one 
member in good standing for each office to be filled by election, including the at-large members of the 
Executive Committee, at the Annual Caucus. The nomination of candidates by this Committee shall 
automatically place those persons named in nomination for the offices to be filled. Other nominations 
may be made from the floor of the Caucus. Nominees for any position shall be current members of the 
RPJC at the time of the nomination and shall consent to such nomination. 
SECTION 2. Ballot Requirements - Where there is only one candidate for an office, election may be by 
voice vote. Where more than one candidate is nominated for an office or for Delegate or Alternate, the 
election shall be held by written ballot. A majority of votes cast shall elect.

Standing committees shall be established in the By-Laws with Committee Chairpersons being appointed 
in accordance with Article IV, Section 2(C) of this Constitution, and committee members to be appointed 
by the Committee Chairpersons.

SECTION 1. Caucus Requirement - A quorum for a meeting or Caucus of this organization shall be a 
number equal to ten percent of the number of authorized delegates of Jefferson County to the last 
preceding State Convention, and in no instance less than ten members.
SECTION 2. Executive Committee Requirement - A quorum for a meeting of the Executive Committee 
shall be no less than five elected members of the Executive Committee. 
SECTION 3. Proxy Voting - Voting by proxy shall be prohibited at all County Caucuses and Executive 
Committee meetings.

Suitable By-Laws, consistent with the principles of this Constitution, may be adopted at any duly called 
Caucus in which the proposed Amendment is stated, by a majority vote of the Caucus. Amendments to 
the By-Laws may also be adopted by a majority of the Executive Committee, but such By-Laws so adopted 
shall be subject to repeal or amendment at the Annual Caucus. Notice of any changes in By-Laws shall be 
given in the call for the Annual Caucus.

Amendments to this Constitution may be made by a two-thirds vote at any Caucus, Regular or Special, 
where the Call and Notice of such Caucus shall have stated that the Amendment is the purpose for the 
Caucus. Only such business as has been stated in the Call shall be conducted at specially called Caucuses. 
Following adoption, all amendments shall be submitted to the Executive Committee of the Republican 
Party of Wisconsin for review and approval. 

Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised and most current edition, shall govern all proceedings, except where 
inconsistent with the Constitution and By-Laws of this organization. 

In the event of any conflict or ambiguity of this Constitution adopted hereunder, the Constitution of the 
Republican Party of Wisconsin shall prevail.

The above Constitution is duly adopted by vote of the Annual RPJC Caucus on February 4, 2024, 
and shall be filed with the Republican Party of Wisconsin. (See PDF Above For Signed Copy)

Republican Party of Jefferson County - Chairperson 

Republican Party of Jefferson County - Vice Chairperson 

Republican Party of Jefferson County - Secretary

Republican Party of Jefferson County - Treasurer

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